Injuries are the leading cause of death and disability for people aged 1 to 44 years in the United States.  Approximately 72% of all deaths among adolescents aged 10-24 years are attributed to injuries from only four causes: motor vehicle crashes (30%), all other unintentional injuries (15%), homicide (15%), and suicide (12%).(CDC) 

Preparation Checklist

What Should I Do to Prepare for a PBL/CBL Module?

The following are suggestions for checklist items you may want to use when you are preparing to implement a CyberSurgeons case-based or problem-based learning module:

 Become familiar with the module you plan to use.

  • browse the background information for content and organization
  • imagine how students might search for information

Consider the type of final report formats you will accept, such as:

  • written submissions
  • electronic submissions
  • classroom question/answer sessions                  
  • performances   
  • debates

Map out the timeline for the project.

  • module-only time line
  • module + other covered curricula
  • hard start + extended time
  • independent study

Create a briefing package that includes handouts of scenario or case study timeline final report options

  • formats/requirements for all options
  • evaluation criteria

Arrange access to various resources.

  • books
  • periodicals
  • maps
  • online resources
  • videotapes

Determine the working environment collaborative arrangements

  • Who chooses the team members (you or teams self-select)?
    • How many members on a team?
    • Where will the class meet for collaborative work (if the classroom is not the best environment)?
  • student roles
  • resource or technology allocation reserved computers, printers, and other equipment
  • logistics of shared resources
  • homework vs. schoolwork balance

Choose appropriate assessment methods.

  • evaluation forms
  • checklists
  • technological competence
  • team participation
  • team member contribution
  • final project quality
  • peer review


Adapted from: Center of Educational Technologies (Classroom of the Future) Exploring the Environment website